They want me to take off my cut!

They want me to take off my vest.

recognizable uniforms for criminals?

It seems that I am somebody else then. My vest turns me in to a visible criminal, says the press. And if I take it off, I also take off my criminal mind obviously. All of a sudden I’m a normal hardworking person. But if I wear my hocus pocus magic vest, I’m a member of a criminal organization, says the minister. I then belong to an organization that was set up to commit criminal acts as a group. A “motorgang’ is what they named it. With extra gang. In groups roll politician or journalist over our TV screens to let the viewers know that bikers wearing a leather vest are “gang members”. That first of all we want to protect ourselves well by wearing solid tough leather against texting or calling cagers who daily try to kill us does not cross their minds.

Just to make it clear, I am full member of a Motorcycle Club. I have never been arrested (not even been ‘suspected of…’), work hard, pay taxes. I have children and even grandchildren and I am married to the most wonderful ‘bikerbitch’ I could find. I ride on the roads of this world for almost 50 years now.

If a group would be set up to commit criminal acts, you do not want a unique recognizable uniform for your people. The we would not have seen the Mafia or Cosa Nostra in this world. You would be, as a gang member of such a criminal group trying to blend in as much as possible so you would be unseen. But… there are possibilities! If you wanted to commit criminal acts within the police force, you’d score a job as a policeman! You would have a legal license to be as violent as you want against anyone you wanted. Your employer even gives you a loaded gun, handcuffs, pepper spray and a taser, free of any charge. Think bigger? Go in politics! Use your university fraternity, buy a suit and a tie and start your ‘rightful’ (political) carrier. Want to be a pedophile? Become a childcare worker or get in the church somewhere. You can come as far as minister and be unsuspected.

Clothes make the man. But is that so? Do motorcyclists wear their leather to be protected of to be recognized as a criminal? Or do they want to show by wearing their cuts, from which club they are a member. Who their best friends are and what bike they ride. Just like the members of a car club wear their fancy jackets with their car logo. Or Salvation Army soldiers who want to show clearly to which group they belong and need to be recognized as Salvaition Army Soldier.

De government directed campaign to demonize motor clubs and talk about the members as criminals’ because they wear a leather vest with certain patches is too weird to even talk about. But still ‘our’ politicians do it!

Prohibiting Motor clubs will not make any criminal commit less crimes. And we also have criminal Salvation Army Soldiers, criminal police employees of customs officers. Even in the supermarket criminals may even stand (unrecognizable) in the same row as you stand. I say that criminal motor clubs do not exist. And that motor clubs are not set up specific to develop criminal activities. I do know that clubs have a very high “self-regulating ability” and that any member with criminal intentions usually is removed very quickly. (Bad Standing). Because in a motor club it’s about people that are alike. The freedom that is taken away from people inch by inch and second by second is the exact reason for bikers to exist. Freedom to go and stand where ever you like. The brotherhood that slowly grows between members. The common interest in riding bikes, the right bars, sleeping places, affordable food, the best routes and worldwide clubhouses from your club of club-friends where you can always spend the night when you are on the road. It is a heritage that Old School bikers leave behind to generations to come. Honesty and never take or give bullshit. Ignore vinegar pissers and losers. Give respect, get respect! Closing clubhouses and prohibiting clubs will not make them disappear! The friendship, brotherhood is forged in steel, chrome and leather. If wearing a vest is forbidden, the solid brotherhood will last and get stronger. Freedom, friendship, brotherhood, it can never be destroyed. Tribes, groups, whole peoples have throughout history defeated their oppressors. And freedom won these battles always.


So, we don’t give up WANKERS! We are who we are! Live with it! We are the heirs of free people. Our spirits are alwys searching behind the horizon. Our eyes watched sunrises and sunsets from a motorbike saddle. We are proud, shameless, inseparable and loyal. And it stays as it is!

Ride safe!


Robert Hageman

  1. Mike schreef:

    They will never take off my cut!! No one will, I worked for it, made sacrifices, found many new brothers and a brand new family, therefore fight to the death to keep them. In every family there are idiots, but to walk away from your family??
    Same here, the club has been prohibited in Holland, but I am still attached to them, still see my brothers. And probably the criminals, still do their crimes. But hey, face the fact, the real crimes are committed by the people you don’t see, why risking putting colours on your back? Nowadays I get to speak more members also from other clubs and my feeling is we should unite much more, until a force to be reckoned with.
    I hope the MC world recovers soon, maybe in a way the politicians never expects, but somehow we will.



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